Announcing the launch of our new magazine - 'in the groove'

Announcing the launch of our new magazine -

Announcing the launch of our new magazine - 'in the groove'

in the groove is our new customer magazine focusing on the chemical processing, semiconductor and oil + gas markets. It covers a wide range of subjects of specialinterest to people working in those industries, in an entertaining and informative way.

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Subjects included in our first edition:

Coping with the purity of water

Two EPDM grades outperform other elastomers

Milk fat makes the difference

Tests prove EPDM grades perform well in dairy applications

Turcon® MF – A dynamic problem solver with no after taste

The ideal sealing solution for hygienic applications

Busak+Shamban bond Isolast® perfluoroelastomers to metal

Busak+Shamban achieves what was thought to be impossible

The Isolast® Fab Range™

Specialist materials for semiconductor manufacturing

Solution to seal degradation in water-based drilling equipment

Three grades of Isolast® successfully completed tests

Ensuring downhole integrity

Cableless gauge brought one step nearer to reality