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Pharmaceutical Centrifuges

Centrifuge Housing Seal

Customer: Centrifuge manufacturer
Application: Centrifuge housing seals


  • High centrifugal forces put extreme demands on physical properties of seals
  • Needed to fit in seal groove without dead spaces for ease of cleaning
  • Compatibility with harsh cleaning media required
  • Compliant with FDA and USP Class VI standards required
  • Large size meant tooling costs prohibitive


Due to the low volume requirement, the cost for a tool was prohibitive. An O-Ring using the FlexiMold™ process was therefore selected. By this proprietary production method, an O-Ring can be fabricated that has the same characteristics as a molded O-Ring without the need for a dedicated tool.

The giant O-Rings were delivered in record time and provided the same integrity as compression molded O-Rings without the tooling costs.