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Literature Update

Edition 39

Find out about the latest catalogs, brochures and flyers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to keep you up to date with the latest developments in sealing technology. - by Jan Sklucki

Product Range Augmented!

The Product Range has been enhanced with Augmented Reality content, offering additional digital content beyond the printed catalog.

Using the Augmented Reality (AR) companion app, you can quickly access more detailed product information on the website and navigate the product portfolio with ease. 

With industry-specific content and a host of engineering tools at your fingertips, specifying Trelleborg solutions has never been quicker or easier


Electrically Conductive Turcon® MC1 and Turcon® MC2 Materials

Two new compounds to take advantage of the material characteristics and manufacturing options of PTFE for electrifying drive, eMobility, sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

PTFE is inherently non-conductive, but through innovative material formulation, manufacturers can now benefit from advanced sealing geometries while permitting electrical conductivity across a hydraulic system or motor. This kind of sealing offers benefits to applications such as grounding within a motor, complex intelligent systems without circuitry and even protecting a plane that gets struck by lightning.

View the PDF here.

New ServicePLUS Brochure Released

Services to support increasing production throughput, improving inventory turnover, reducing warranty claims and accelerating new product development.

When you partner with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions through our ServicePLUS program, you can focus on your core business while we focus on ensuring all of your value chain needs are covered. We concentrate on business activities, which typically offer the largest resource saving opportunities.

This brochure gives an overview of the capabilities of Trelleborg’s ServicePLUS program, from optimizing product development and maximizing manufacturing throughput, to enhancing supply chain processes and customer care. See how Trelleborg Sealing Solutions added-value solutions can boost your business and give you the competitive advantage.

View the PDF here.

Tubing, Hose and Sheeting Brochure Showcases Healthcare & Medical Solutions

Learn about Trelleborg’s range of customizable and high-performance product designs, approved medical grade materials and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities. 

A history of strong customer partnerships ensures that innovative solutions result in the best possible patient outcomes. Whether approached with a ‘black-box’ idea or a problem to solve, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical experts are on hand to assist with specification and design, from concept through to serial production, device assembly and beyond.

The new brochure highlights Trelleborg’s specialized range of materials, products and capabilities. From semistandardized silicone braided hoses and silicone sheet, through to fully-customized multi-lumen tubing supplied with overmoldings, completely assembled.

View the PDF here.

Solutions for Material Handling Applications

A new brochure shows the range of Trelleborg solutions that go into forklift trucks.

 Forklift trucks have become indispensable in a variety of work environments. They play a valuable role in manufacturing facilities and warehouses, ensuring items are in the right place at the right time. Consequently, forklifts are often in constant use. Seals must withstand heavy loads and be extremely reliable to keep products and deliveries moving.

This useful guide to products and materials makes specifying seals for each sealing and bearing option simple, highlighting key products and their benefits to forklift performance.

View the PDF here.


Hydraulic Seals - Linear Metric Catalog Updated with Lubrication Management Products

The wide variety of sealing environments can make selecting the correct product challenging. The updated Hydraulic Seals - Linear Catalog gives detailed guidance and advice on everything from selecting the correct sealing element, deciding on material type and installation recommendations for your application.

This update expands the range of lubrication management products with Turcon® Stepseal® V LM and Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM, and adds in the new Zurcon® Excluder Z and Zurcon® Rimseal IM for an even more comprehensive choice.

View the PDF here.

Rotary Seals Catalog Updated

Trelleborg’s rotary and shaft seals keep lubricating fluids in, while preventing the ingress of mud and water in oscillating or rotating applications. 

New products in this version include the HP20 Rotary Oil Seal, Turcon® Roto L, HiSpin® HS40 and HiSpin® PDR RT. The Mechanical Face Seal chapter has been completely re-worked, with more materials added and sizes split by cast iron and bearing steel.

View the PDF here.


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Edition 37

Find out about the latest literature from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Hot Off the Press

Oil & Gas Sealing Systems Product Catalog and Engineering Guide Updated and New Capabilities Brochure

As well conditions become harsher and more difficult to exploit, it’s important to work with a seal supplier who understands emerging requirements, existing trends and market standards and legislation. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has been involved in the Oil & Gas industry for over 45 years and is a leading supplier to companies globally.

As the de facto resource for Oil & Gas sealing solutions, the guide gives detailed information on everything from standard and custom solutions to surface finishes and installation guides, making it an essential resource for every engineer’s technical library. Discover solutions for downhole drilling motors, subsea valves and refinery separation equipment that optimize performance, reduce downtime and reduce costs.

The new update brings with it the very latest engineering developments, innovative products, and best-in-class materials to excel in today’s challenging Oil & Gas market.

To complement this, a new brochure on Oil & Gas Sealing Capabilities has been published, giving a rundown of NORSOK M-710 compliant materials, downtime-reducing services and products by application.

The revolutionary SealWelding™ service offering is highlighted, demonstrating how FPSO downtime can be dramatically reduced by eliminating the need for vessels to return to shore when seals must be replaced.

Download Product Catalog and Engineering Guide

Visit solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


One of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions core catalogs and the full product range brochure have been improved and reworked to keep customers up-to-date with the newest products on the market.

Rotary Seal Catalog

Trelleborg’s rotary and shaft seals keep lubricating fluids in, while preventing the ingress of mud and water in oscillating or rotating applications. The portfolio of sealing solutions within the Rotary Seals catalog has been expanded again, with new Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® variations, innovative Cassette Seal designs and a reworked Mechanical Face Seal offering, extending the limits of performance and lifetime in a range of different industries.

Download Rotary Seal Catalog

Product Range

The product range shows the entire portfolio of standard products and gives information on capabilities for custom solutions, all bundled together in a convenient package. The updated version now also features the new products added to the Rotary catalog, as well as other innovative solutions, and serves as a handy quick reference guide - giving an overview of Trelleborg products across all industries and applications at a glance.

Included within the catalog are the full range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions rotary products, such as Radial Oil Seals, Cassette Seals and Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring®.

Download Product Range Catalog

New Kantseal Catalog

A square-shaped alternative to the O-Ring, Kantseal ensures its shape remains constant and there’s no twisting in the groove, even under high pressures. Now with new materials available and an extended set of standard dimensions, a stand-alone Kantseal catalog has been developed.

When sealing flanges, valves, plates and locks, and requiring high leak-tightness, long service life and outstanding sealing behavior, Kantseal can operate as an effective static axial seal.

Download Kantseal Catalog

Products Flyer

Welded PEEK Products Flyer

Typically, large diameter PEEK products are formed through compression molding, a slow and costly process requiring large industrial equipment.Whenever a new size is required, new molds must first be manufactured accurately and to tight tolerances, further increasing the cost.

Using an innovative welding process, Trelleborg engineers are able to now produce large diameter PEEK rings, ready for machining into a range of products, which when combined with other large diameter Turcon® products offers the same performance as a compression molded Back-up Ring at a lower cost.

Download Welded PEEK Products Flyer

HiSpin® HS40 and HiSpin® PDR RT Flyers

Electric drive units for eMobility applications not only require high rotational speeds, but must guarantee effective lubrication of the gearbox while the motor remains dry. Two new HiSpin® products enter the market to cope with the increasing speed and temperature requirements.

HiSpin® HS40 is manufactured from proprietary XLT fluoroelastomer, and features hydrodynamic design features to reduce frictional torque. Meanwhile, HiSpin® PDR RT can endure higher speeds, up to 60 m/s, and is capable of operation in dry, moist and lubricated environments. Tested under extreme conditions, these seals offer superior, costeffective performance and reliability.

Download HiSpin® HS40 and HiSpin® PDR RT Flyers

Turcon® Variseal® NW Flyer

When operating in aggressive semiconductor and hygienic processing environments, exceptional resistance to chemicals and temperatures is a requirement. By fully encapsulating an energizing-spring within a premium Turcon® MF flange seal, applications can benefit from the performance advantages of a Variseal® product, but with extended lifetime and extended resistance. It can provide a more cost-effective alternative to FFKM O-Rings and is ideal for food, beverage and semiconductor processing.

Download Turcon® Variseal® NW Flyer

To view the brochures and flyers, visit the “Catalogs & Brochures” section under "Tools & Resources"

Edition 36

Latest Catalog 


Rotary Seals Catalog Update

As one of the core catalogs for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the Rotary Seals catalog has been updated. Rotary Seals keep lubrication fluids in and external contaminants out, ensuring that applications keep running as efficiently as possible.

Download catalog

Included within the catalog are the full range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions rotary products.

New Kantseal Catalog

The Kantseal, a square-shaped alternative to the O-Ring, was previously only documented through the Static Seals catalog. Now, with detailed information available on materials and standard sizes, Kantseal has been given its own catalog.

Download catalog

By providing high extrusion resistance, outstanding sealing behaviour over long periods and no twisting in the groove, means Kantseal meets application requirements for flanges, valves, plates and locks.

Enhanced Turcon® Varilip® PDR Catalog

 Extending the barriers imposed by elastomer radial shaft seals through advanced materials and design techniques, Turcon® Varilip® PDR are typically the first choice for challenging application conditions. With a range of standard and special designs with features to meet specific application conditions, the seal's low friction performance meets the needs of the chemical process, aerospace, marine and automotive industries.

The new edition includes:

  • Enhanced, easier to use layout
  • Extended size range now includes sizes up to 250 mm diameter
  • Additional selection functionality, including matching primary and secondary lip material options
  • New LaserJet marking capabilities and lip selection options for increased FDA-compliant selections
  • More technical selection information

Download catalog

More Information: To view the brochures and flyers, go to and visit the “Catalogs & Brochures” section of the “Service Center”.

Latest Brochure


Sealing Solutions for Robotics Applications

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has worked with leading robotics equipment manufactures since the first inception of the technology back in the 1960s. Since then, the company has become one of the leading suppliers of sealing solutions for the servomechanism, hydraulic and pneumatic systems that power the movement of robots.

Download brochure

A new brochure shows how Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can support this rapidly expanding industry, giving information about products, services and materials combine to create high performance solutions.


Food Contact Materials

Better understand the full range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions materials for use in the processing, packaging and preparation of food. Learn about the comprehensive portfolio of materials to meet global certifications and regulations, improve performance and optimize applications.

Download flyer

Rotary Sealing Solutions for High Speed Medical Drills

To enhance cleanliness, increase operating life and reduce operating temperatures and wear, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has engineered a solution specifically for use in high speed medical drill applications. Extensive testing has proven the new seal to reduce heat generation during drilling at rotational speeds up to 30,000 rpm.

The brochure is also interactive, integrating Augmented Reality (AR) features into its pages. Simply use the AR app's features to scan the AR logo with your mobile device and gain access to animations, films and extra information!

Silicone Extrusion

 Highlighting its unrivalled extrusion process, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has released this flyer to help customers understand the capabilities and varieties of hose and tubing available. Tubing and hosing is custom engineered to deliver the performance required and reduce secondary operations, enhance process purity and withstand challenging SIP/CIP procedures.

Download flyer