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Digital Update

Edition 38

Twice the Number of Shapes

Have you ever needed to calculate the square footage of an oddly shaped room? Or the volume of a complex space like an HVAC unit? Calculating the area or volume of shapes can be frustrating and time consuming.

Developed with the engineer in mind, the Area & Volume Calculator is an easy-to-use tool to support you with these tasks. The tool, available both on the web and as a mobile app, supports a full range of area and volume calculations – just select a shape, input your measurements and the tool quickly calculates area, perimeter, volume and weight.

In the latest version of this tool, we’ve doubled the number of shapes and sub-shapes available for calculation to over 170 2D and 3D shapes.

You’ll find the Area & Volume Calculator web tool at by clicking Design Support & Engineering Tools under “Tools & Resources.” The app is available for download for iPhone and iPad and Android.

Supporting Hydraulic Component Design

The Hydraulic System Calculator has been developed for design engineers working with hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors and pipes. This intuitive tool supports the design of hydraulic components around single or double-acting cylinders.

By entering cylinder dimensions and pressure or oil flow parameters, you can quickly calculate area, volume, force, velocity, time, outflow and cylinder ratio. Backward compatibility is also offered for some parameters.

The Hydraulic System Calculator is available both as a web tool and a mobile app. The web version is available at by going to Design Support & Engineering Tools under  “Tools & Resources”.

Latest App: Seals Catalog

The Seals Catalog, the newest member of our app family, brings the high-powered function of our web catalog to you in a mobile friendly format.

You can use the app to easily search for and filter products by item number, type of seal or operating conditions. The app gives you access to detailed product descriptions of thousands of seals,
as well as material data sheets. This easy-to-use app lets you select seals, load up your shopping cart and send it through to your local marketing company for quotation.

You are guaranteed a rapid response, making the whole process of specifying and ordering seals easier and quicker than ever!

The Seals Catalog App is available for download for iPhone and iPad and Android.

Our Newest Films

Take a Tour of our Manufacturing Facility in Tewkesbury

This new film takes you on a short tour of our manufacturing site in Tewkesbury, England. During the tour, you will learn about the state-ofthe-art cleanroom dedicated to elastomer sealing solutions for the semiconductor industry, our IsolastTM high performance FFKM compounds and our proprietary FleximoldTM technology developed for the production of large diameter high quality O-Rings.

Introducing New Seals for eMobility Applications

Electric vehicles are growing rapidly in popularity. E-axle technology is a major component in electric vehicles and key to extending the range of travel from one battery charge. Our film HiSpin® – Boost your ride with next generation e-axle sealing now, introduces our new family of seals, specially designed to operate at extreme rotational speeds.

All of our films are available at by going to Films & Animations under “Tools & Resources.”

O-Rings Online!

One of the first web tools developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the O-Ring Calculator has been helping engineers for nearly two decades and has just been updated.

Read O-Rings Online! to find out more!


Edition 37

Tour our Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are fascinating places – filled with different technology and machinery; the place where product designs turn into reality.

We want to make it possible for customers to visit our manufacturing sites virtually and to see how products are made and offer several films on various manufacturing facilities. Why not take a tour?

Newest addition: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta Our manufacturing facility in Malta specializes in O-Rings and Engineered Molded Parts. In this film, you’ll learn about the processing capabilities and services we offer to deliver the product you need.

This inside view guides you through the manufacturing process from start to finish, be ginning with the mixing facility and laboratory for the development of new material compounds, through to the coating facility, in which advanced coatings are applied to reduce friction and ease assembly.

Not quite as many films as Netflix, but we’re trying!

We’ve produced an extensive number of films including some cool animations on our products and industries. You can find them all at by going to Films & Animations under "Films & Resources".

Check out our Film Library

Fluid Mechanics Calculator App Now at Your Fingertips!

We’ve launched the Fluid Mechanics Calculator App to support fluid thinkers such as students, engineers, analysts, researchers or those curious to learn about fluids. This app will help you find information on a variety of topics as well as help in analysis, design, maintenance and operation of fluid related systems.

Frequently used in automotive, aviation, geology, space, biological applications, petroleum, marine systems, and cylinder manufacturing, this app will provide results for different fluid mechanics, civil, structural, pipe flow and engineering parameters.

The app allows you access more than 130 formulas as well as over 360 methods of calculation, with the ability to change the subject of the formula based on the variable you are calculating. The formula applied is then displayed in the app. You can also easily calculate answers. Just key in the numbers, set units and see results.

The app accepts your input and will provide results to the highest mathematical precision and in up to three conversion units. Finally, you can make easy markups to recall information in the favorites section and seamlessly hop between the metric and the US (inch) unit systems.

Find out more about our Fluid Mechanics Calculator

Access a Variety of Whitepapers, Lectures and Webinars in our Technical Library!

Easily accessible on the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website, the Technical Library offers a collection of lectures, whitepapers, technical articles and webinars covering various industries and sealing technology topics.

  • Tech Talks

The latest addition to our Library are Tech Talks. These feature sealing technology experts holding lectures on the latest industry innovations. One highlight is the talk on HiSpin® for eMobility, innovative seals that aim to extend the traveling range of electric vehicles.

  •  Whitepapers

When you are looking to learn more about innovative sealing technology developments and engineering products, this is the right place for you. Some examples of our latest whitepapers include topics such as: LubricationManagement, Drug-Eluting Devices and Testing of HFC Fluids.

  • Technical Articles

Our Technical Articles section focuses on expert articles on a variety of sealing technology topics. Some of the publications featured in this section include Medical Design & Outsourcing, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Flow Control among others.

  • Webinars

An education resource on a variety of topics in sealing technology this section covers targeted topics taught by experts in their field. Some of the topics covered in the webinar section include Cassette Seals and Lubrication Management Webinars.

Go to our Technical Library