Solving Complex Device Design Challenges through Partnership

Solving Complex Device Design Challenges through Partnership

Partnerships in molding and extrusion deliver a better device to market faster.

This webinar reviews the benefits of partnering with experts in molding and extrusion to optimize medical device design and eliminate challenges before they happen, leading to a faster prototyping timeline and a higher quality device.

View this webinar recording to:

  • Learn how an FEA analysis can model performance prior to tooling investments
  • Identify ways to reduce the impact of tolerance stack when multiple components are assembled
  • Learn how advancements in extrusion methods can simplify device designs
  • Learn the impact of a robust Design for Manufacturing methodology to bring a device from prototype to serial production
  • Identify the key characteristics to look for when selecting a partner

Two Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical Product Managers, Dan Sanchez and Justin Strike, lend their expertise to outline how Trelleborg helps medical device designers realize their product concepts through engineered manufacturing solutions. Both Dan and Justin invite you to contact the Healthcare & Medical team early in your design phase to act as an extension of your engineering team, offering design, materials, process development, and manufacturing support to reduce overall costs and time to market.