Geotrans Extrusion Technology

Applying advanced extrusion technologies for medical device design

This webinar presents case studies how you can benefit your medical device

To design smaller, more intricate and complicated medical devices and at the same time, comply with increasingly stringent national and international regulations, many medical device engineers are looking to advanced extrusions manufactured of high consistency rubber (HCR) silicone.

Advanced extrusion technology can reduce total cost of ownership for the original equipment manufacturer while improving part quality and greatly enhancing the types of devices being sought by healthcare providers.

This webinar will take a deep look into extrusion technology for medical devices. Takeaways include:

  • Get a better understanding of the trends in medical device design
  • Highlight the value of silicone polymers for medical devices
  • Understand how our advanced extrusion technologies can benefit your medical devices based on several case studies

By combining advanced extrusion technologies with manufacturing and quality expertise, Trelleborg can help solve your advanced medical device design challenges. Early partnership enables a reduction in overall cost of ownership while reliably supplying quality product.

Our Product Manager, Dan Sanchez, presents comprehensive case studies and various Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical capabilities. Dan has been working in silicone manufacturing for the Healthcare and Medical industry for over 20 years.