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Mobile Apps for Healthcare & Medical

Innovative support for engineers

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical offers an innovative range of digital tools and services for mobile devices.

Material Compatibility App

The Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical Material Compatibility App for the healthcare and medical industry offers a quick and easy overview of which materials are compatible with different environments.

Features at a Glance

  • Cross reference 34 different materials with 35 chemical environments to find the most effective compounds for your application
  • Up to 20 materials and environments can be selected at once, allowing quick checking of multiple materials and conditions and producing an easy to read compatibility chart which rates each material from “excellent” to “not recommended”

Tubing & Hose Selector App

Specifically developed for the healthcare and medical industry, the Tubing and Hose Selector app simplifies choosing the correct tubing and hose based on input parameters such as material and pressure, giving the information instantly and removing the need to search through catalogs. The app also allows you to directly request samples or contact Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical from the interface.

How to:

Simply scan the QR-Code icon with your mobile device.

A QR-Code reader can also be found easily in your app-store by searching for 'QR scanner'.

You will be directly forwarded to the download area in iTunes or Google play.

More Trelleborg Apps !

Making the engineer’s life easier

Additional mobile apps can be found in our services and tools area on the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website or by searching for Trelleborg in the app store.