Value-Added Services for Medical Devices | Trelleborg

Value-Added Services for Medical Devices

Producing individual components through to finished devices

We provide the medical device industry with a complete suite of post-fabrication services including

  • Coatings and surface treatments in improve friction characteristics
  • Extensive range of secondary operations
  • Complete medical device assembly
  • Expert packaging and in-house sterilization
  • Logistics support with warehousing and distribution services

Coatings & Surface Treatments

Key Benefits

  • Reduced assembly forces
  • Seals prevented from sticking together
  • Permanent friction reduction without lubricants
  • Contribute to efficiency of total production
  • UV indicators and colors aid quality checks
  • Avoid mix up of similar components

We offer a wide range of surface treatments to improve the friction characteristics of elastomer seals within production processes along with a host of other benefits. Combining 30 years of experience in coating of elastomer seals with research studies and the latest technologies, our surface treatments are tailored to individual manufacturing requirements and the properties of the sealing materials.

FF Coating

FF coating is the ideal surface treatment for hygienic processing environments. This is compliant to FDA and other standards, is water-based, solvent free and transparent. The coating is suitable for all kinds of elastomer seals depending on their shape and size and does not affect the seal’s natural elasticity. Its reduced friction makes it ideal in automated assembly processes. Suited for both static and low-level dynamic applications, with infrequent movement and short stroke rate, it retains its properties in repeated insertion and dismantling processes.

Secondary Services

At Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, we provide added value to our customers by offering an extensive range of secondary operations including post curing, printing, die cutting, drilling, tipping, bonding, slitting, trimming, coiling, and functional testing.

Complete Medical Device Assembly Services

Our device assembly expertise is as varied as the requirements of our customers; projects have ranged from routine sub-assemblies involving silicone, metal, plastic, and ceramic components to the assembly of shunts formed from porcine-derived polymer to the complete manufacture of fully functional neurological implants.

Find out more about our Finished Medical Devices capabilities.

Packaging and Sterilization

At Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, our engineers collaborate with customers to design packaging solutions that are appropriate for various sterilization methods, device storage, and intended use. We provide pre-validated pouching and tray sealing services as well as work with trusted outside vendors to develop custom product packaging.

We were the first silicone contract manufacturer to offer in-house dry heat sterilization, thereby complementing services of outside partnering vendors who provide sterilization via gamma, e-beam, and ethylene oxide technologies.

Warehousing & Distribution

Supply chain management plays an important role in a product’s commercial success. At Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, we offer our customers vital logistics support including push-pull inventory control, warehousing, and distribution.