Anti-Microbial Medical Tubing and Hose Reduce Infections

Anti-Microbial Tubing to Reduce Infections

Key Features

  • Protects finished parts from deterioration due to microbial growth
  • Silver additive does not cause silicone discoloration
  • No secondary operations (coating)
  • Design flexibility
  • Available for both standard and custom parts

As a major supplier of silicone rubber components for healthcare applications, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical provides novel features in its products that target the concerns of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. One such area of focus has been the incorporation of antimicrobial agents directly into silicone rubber compositions that are used in the production of many of our medical products, the broad objective of which is the reduction of hospital acquired infections.

Growth of microbes can cause strong odors, discoloration, and formation of mildew. Antimicrobial elastomers are excellent candidates to consider for enhancing the integrity of the end product by reducing microbial contamination on the elastomer. Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical offers a custom elastomer platform technology based on direct incorporation of a silver-based antimicrobial additive into the base silicone elastomer.

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