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Medical Grade O-Rings

Flexible, Cost-Effective Solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Static and slow dynamic applications
  • Flexible usage - easily designed into many applications
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Available in materials specifically developed for life sciences applications
  • Compliant with approvals and standards

Typical Healthcare & Medical Applications:

Respiratory equipment, drug delivery devices, and medical devices in general: valves, pumps, cylinders, connectors, fluid transfer, etc.

About O-Rings

O-Rings are used in a variety of life science applications either as sealing elements or as energizing elements for Glyd Ring® seals and Wipers.

Our medical grade O-Rings are both cost-effective and perform excellently in the most demanding of environments. No matter if you need metric or inch, standard or custom-made O-Rings – any size of O-Ring seal is available – including Giant O-Rings using our Fleximold™ process.

Materials Specific to Healthcare & Medical

Today, the O-Ring is the most widely used seal because of its inexpensive production methods and its ease of use. We offer O-Rings in a range of elastomeric materials specifically for life sciences applications that allow sealing of practically all liquid and gaseous media, while standing up to even the most rigorous sterilization processes.

O-Ring Related Tools & Services

To make the engineer’s life easier we offer a number of e-tools online and as apps for tablet or smart phone.

O-Ring Related Tools & Services

Application Examples

Metered Dose Inhaler

Customer: Medical Device Manufacturer

Application: Metered Dose Inhalers


  • Perfect surfaces without trimming required
  • Mold join burr must be <0.05 mm / .002 inch
  • Requires standard volume of 7.464 mm3 to minimize evaporation and remain tight against high-pump pressure
  • Cleanroom manufacture for high-cleanliness needed


  • Precision micro-sized silicone O-Ring produced in cleanroom

The inhaler produces a gentle cloud, leaving plenty of time for the user to inhale the medication. The O-Ring prevents medication in the dosing chamber from running back down the capillary. The seal is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances in a cleanroom environment to meet the requirements of the application.

Pharmaceutical Centrifuge

Centrifuge Housing Seal

Customer: Centrifuge manufacturer

Application: Centrifuge housing seals


  • High centrifugal forces put extreme demands on physical properties of seals
  • Needed to fit in seal groove without dead spaces for ease of cleaning
  • Compatibility with harsh cleaning media required
  • Compliant with FDA and USP Class VI standards required
  • Large size meant tooling costs prohibitive


  • FlexiMold™ O-Ring in Isolast® J9515

Due to the low volume requirement, the cost for a tool was prohibitive. An O-Ring using the FlexiMold™ process was therefore selected. By this proprietary production method, an O-Ring can be fabricated that has the same characteristics as a molded O-Ring without the need for a dedicated tool

The giant O-Rings were delivered in record time and provided the same integrity as compression molded O-Rings without the tooling costs.