Materials Developed for Demanding Medical Applications

Materials Developed for Demanding Healthcare & Medical Applications

Tailor-made portfolio of high-performance materials

Based on decades of experience, working with leading equipment manufacturers and end users around the globe, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical has developed a tailor-made portfolio of materials to meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare and medical industry.

Other materials

Advanced material options

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical offers a broad portfolio of materials that includes advanced material options, including our proprietary composite bearing material, Orkot® and metal O-Rings.

Metal - Saving Time and Money

Quick facts

  • Trelleborg can supply parts using most common metals, such as steels, aluminum, brass and copper
  • Various platings and coatings, such as anodized, are available

Typical Healthcare & Medical applications:

Pump and valve assemblies and over-molded inserts

Products available:

Custom stamping and machined components

About metals

For decades, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has used metal inserts in over-molded applications, giving additional stiffness or reducing permeation where applications require it. A typical application example would be insert-molded diaphragms for respiratory equipment.

In addition, many of our seals are used in rod, piston or valve assemblies. We can often save our customers time and money by making the entire sub-assembly, simplifying our customer’s assembly process, and reducing their number of suppliers.

Orkot® - Specialist thermoset composite material

Quick Facts

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High load capacity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Operates without lubrication
  • Contains no environmentally hazardous or toxic substances

Typical Healthcare & Medical applications:

Cylinder applications, such as hospital beds and patient lifts.

Products available:

Orkot is available in tubes, sheets and custom machined bearings

About Orkot®

Orkot® is a thermoset composite material incorporating advanced polymer technologies. The material is made by impregnating a thermoset resin with fabrics, solid lubricants and other additives to ensure optimal material properties are achieved. It is ideally suited for high load bearing applications which operate in an environment that makes lubrication undesirable. The material also provides superior performance in salt- and fresh-water applications as it will not corrode like metal alternatives and its wall thickness swells less than 1%.