Custom Medical Grade Silicone Sheeting & Silicone Film

Custom Medical Grade Silicone Sheeting & Silicone Film

For the Ultimate in Compatibility

Custom silicone sheeting and film, manufactured by Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical to meet customer specifications, serves a variety of medical uses:

  • Discs punched from vulcanized elastomeric sheets are key components in various types of valve assemblies
  • Mesh-reinforced sheeting is integrated as sewing rings on artificial heart valves
  • Laminated sheeting containing both vulcanized and unvulcanized layers is used to seal tissue expanders and mammary devices
  • Our knife coating technology is used to produce custom dermal adhesive gel products for wound management and scar reduction applications

Our silicone sheeting and film has the following characteristics:

  • Available in LSR and vulcanized and unvulcanized HCR materials
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced options are available
  • May be bonded to itself or synthetics (polyester tricot)
  • Easily cut to desired shape
  • Autoclavable without changes in consistency, softness, or other inherent properties
  • Biologically active fluids have little or no effect on the sheeting
  • Excellent biocompatibility as evidenced by its USP Class VI clearance

Silicone Sheeting Manufacturing Processes

We produce sheeting using two different methods:

HCR Calendaring

High consistency rubber (HCR) is formed into various types of sheeting using a calendaring process, in which the silicone is fed through multiple rollers to produce a film of uniform thickness. The film is then transferred onto a carrier sheet and may be cured or left uncured. The calendaring process can produce a range of sheeting products including combinations of vulcanized, unvulvanized, reinforced or non-reinforced products. Calendared sheeting may be pigmented and a number of surface finishes are possible.

Our HCR calendared sheeting is available with the following properties:

Knife Coating

Our knife coating equipment and processes produce sheeting and films from different silicone materials including liquid silicone rubber (LSR), dispersions and gels. In this process, a vacuum-assist system secures a plastic film against a precisely levelled carrier belt. Silicone material is pumped at a precise rate behind a vertical blade. As the film advances, the blade spreads the silicone into a film of the desired thickness. The carrier plastic and silicone then advance through a hot air vulcanizing (HAV) chamber where the rubber is vulcanized. A protective top sheet, fed from a reel outside the HAV, is automatically and continuously applied to the upper surface of the cured film. And finally, the cured sheeting is spooled as finished product.

  • Entirely closed-loop process significantly reduces the risk of particulate contamination due to environmental exposure
  • Continuous manufacturing process capable of producing larger batch sizes at lower cost
  • Sheeting thickness is more precise, accurate, reproducible, and capable of producing silicone film as thin as 0.025mm / 0.00098 inches

Our LSR knife coated sheeting is available with the following properties:

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