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PTFE Custom Shapes for Healthcare & Medical

Unrivaled Chemical Resistance and Friction Performance

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Lowest coefficient of friction material
  • Possible to alter properties with additives
  • Provides barrier resistance

Typical Healthcare & Medical Applications:

Custom PTFE shaped components are used in many medical applications. Typical areas include diagnostic instrument pumps and valves, oxygen concentrators and fluid transfer applications.

About PTFE Custom Shapes

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical develops PTFE compounds, modifying its basic properties with a variety of additives. The material is compressed and sintered at about +371 °C / +700 °F. Once the PTFE is sintered, it can be processed into a variety of custom shapes such as bellows or diaphragms, thermoformed or machined into any shape. Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical can also over-mold to PTFE to create custom shapes for applications requiring both chemical resistance and a sealing function.