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Medical Silicone Extrusion & Our GeoTransTM Process

High quality hose and tube solutions for the healthcare and medical industry

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical has a long-standing history of producing extruded silicone hose and tube for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including brands such as Pharmatube™, PharmaSil™, NutraSil™, Pharmalable™ and SilFit™. Our expertise in extrusion fabrication was forged, in part, by our customers’ imagination and demand for precision.

The vast majority of Trelleborg’s extrusion is custom fabricated to meet each customer’s unique specifications. The process typically begins in the tool room with the precision manufacture of die and mandrel. Post-processing extrusion capabilities include services such as post curing, cutting, spooling, printing, drilling, and grinding.

We offer a full portfolio of processes and operations associated with our extrusion capabilities:

  • Milling – offering a large portfolio of standard and specialized platinum and peroxide cured silicone materials including medical grades
  • Braiding – offering single or double braiding, 4 ply wrap, 4 ply plus wire wrap
  • Color Striping, Tinting
  • Hose/Tube Configuration – single or multi lumen, standard, custom or bulk
  • Hose Assemblies:
    • Universal Fit
    • Permanent Crimp Fittings
    • Reusable Fittings
    • Sanitary 316SS

Multi-Lumen Meets Miniaturization

Medical disciplines such as cardiac rhythm management and interventional cardiology have driven efforts involving the increased complexity and miniaturization of silicone medical devices. As a long-term partner, we at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions have consistently developed extrusion technology required to meet the challenges of these disciplines.

Silicone Foam Extrusion

Silicone foam products play a major role in ophthalmology. We have developed a proprietary blowing agent that allows us to produce closed-cell silicone sponge that can be extruded in various client-specified cross-sections. We offer foam rod and tubes, as well as foam-jacketed extrusions; in addition, pore size and foam density can be adjusted to meet your specifications.

Kink-Resistant Tubing (KRT)

Medical silicone tubing often acts as a pathway for the introduction or elimination of fluids from the body. To effectively serve this purpose, medical tubing must meet a number of mechanical and functional requirements including adequate hoop strength, sufficient stiffness during insertion, and the flexibility to bend around and conform to various anatomical features. Manufactured using a proprietary winding and over-jacketing process, Trelleborg’s KRT balances flexibility and hoop strength while guaranteeing open-lumen integrity.

Extruded Ribbon

Extruded ribbon can be a cost-effective alternative to silicone sheeting. We manufacture ribbon with a range of elastomeric properties and dimensions. Our continuous process allows extruded ribbon to be spooled onto various carrier substrates, which in turn can be subsequently punched or laser cut to form various components including check valves and other pressure sensitive medical devices

GeoTransTM Process Extrusions

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical patented GeoTransTM processes are synonymous with silicone extrusion innovation. GeoTransTM pioneered the technology of movable die and mandrels allowing us to produce tubes with transitional geometry.

Here are just some of the extruded designs possible with our patented GeoTransTM technology:

GeoTransTM Extruded Balloon

Silicone balloons are common to many medical devices. A preformed balloon segment is typically bonded to a catheter shaft at a position where a small opening allows inflation by saline or air. GeoTransTM balloons are formed in a single extrusion step as an integral part of a catheter shaft eliminating significant costs associated with secondary operations and inspections. We can produce GeoTransTM balloons in a range of sizes and inflation pressures to fit your requirements.

GeoTransTM Single to Multi-Lumen

With our GeoTransTM lumen transition technology, we produce tubes in which the single lumen tube transitions into a multi-lumen tube.

GeoTransTM Stop Lumen

Our GeoTransTM Stop Lumen Tubing eliminates the need for secondary operations such as applying a room temperature vulcanized silicone plug to close the lumen. Our single or multiple lumen tube can have one or more lumens stop and restart, depending on requirements.

GeoTransTM Bump Tapered Tubing

Our Bump or Tapered GeoTransTM tubing is used for applications requiring a variable outer diameter and either a constant or variable inner diameter. The variations and applications are endless. The bump/tapered tubing can be used for a catheter where the intravenous section is smaller, minimizing disruption in blood flow.

GeoTransTM Advanced Wound Drain Technology

GeoTransTM wound drains set the industry standards for function and reliability. Using patented GeoTransTM processes, we manufacture and stocks various sizes of both the 4 channel and saw-tooth design.