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Combination Products

Partnering with pharmaceutical companies to design and manufacture drug-device combination products

Combination products offer several advantages when compared with drug delivery via oral, injection, and infusion methods:

  • Controlled release of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API): the controlled release as opposed to the bolus-type delivery facilitates consistent API concentrations within an optimal therapeutic range
  • Targeted delivery of the API: this strength of drug-eluting devices, particularly implanted devices, permits higher therapeutic dosages to be delivered while minimizing adverse side effects
  • Improved Patient Compliance: combination products improve patient compliance and most healthcare practitioners agree that within an aging population, compliance becomes less certain and therefore more important
  • Prevention of infection: an API added to a device can improve the device function and help to prevent local, as well as systemic infection

Drug-eluting medical devices can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Some application examples include:

  • Female Healthcare
  • Wound Care
  • Steroidal Collars
  • Pacemaker Leads
  • Ophthalmic Devices
  • Antimicrobials

Our Drug Device Services

As a leading expert in the manufacturing of drug-eluting combination products, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical partners with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to design and manufacture the optimum product to meet all requirements.

  • Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to assist with the design and creation of new and innovative drug device components, products, and manufacturing processes
  • Contract manufacturing from concept and raw materials to regulatory agency-compliant drug device components and products
  • Mixing of silicone and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Mixing of bioresorbable materials with active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Complete packaging and assembly of drug device components and products
  • Full quality rigorous control system that can support development and production of any device