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Silicone Overmolding for Healthcare & Medical

Enhanced options for composite product design

Overmolding is a process in which the finished component of a different material, usually a thermoplastic or metal substrate, is overmolded with LSR in a liquid injection molding process in either a semi-automated or fully automated process. This method of production lends itself to smaller production quantities or to cases where, due to the substrates, an extra step is necessary to apply bonding technology.

Advantages of Overmolding:

  • Custom composite products can be produced in combination with thermoplastic, metal, LSR components, as well as with silicone tubing
  • Suited for medium size production runs
  • Eliminates the risk and cost associated with secondary assembly
  • Greater design latitude in applications
  • Cost-effective solutions

Fully-bonded components are available in a variety of hard-soft or soft-soft combinations. For components requiring a HCR silicone material, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical employs compression, injection, or transfer molding technologies from prototype to multi-cavity serial production tools.

Healthcare & Medical Application Examples

2C LSR overmolding allows the consolidation of individual parts and functions, combining a number of components of different materials into a single part, adding greater latitude and robustness in design. This has significant advantages in terms of product reliability and total cost of ownership for the customer with applications ranging from hospital and home care equipment and devices, biotechnology, and fluid management.