Supporting Healthcare & Medical with Engineered Solutions

Improving Healthcare & Medical by Supporting Medical Device Development

Supporting the Healthcare and Medical industry with advanced polymer engineered components

Trelleborg is committed to supporting the healthcare and medical industry with advanced polymer engineered components.

Already a leading developer and manufacturer of sealing solutions for the healthcare and medical applications, Trelleborg has recently made significant investments in advanced technology to expand its offerings to its customers.

Major Investments

During 2011, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical acquired a Swiss-based company with expertise in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) technology and in particular automation of the process to enable manufacture of precision LSR components in high volume.

With the strategic aim of fulfilling one of Trelleborg’s core promises, global reach local presence, investment has also been made in globalizing the technology; to bring the process to a competence center in the U.S. and making it available in Asia through a manufacturing facility in China. The life sciences industry is seen as a priority growth area for Trelleborg.

Commitment From The Top

Peter Nilsson, CEO of Trelleborg, says: “We have invested heavily in our polymer engineering life sciences capabilities. This is because we, as a Group, truly believe that Trelleborg can make a difference to our customers’ performance in this highly demanding industry. We hope to position ourselves as a global leader in the supply of advanced polymer-based components within life sciences.”

Successful Partnerships For Healthcare & Medical Product Manufacturing

Developed Together

Leading healthcare and medical manufacturers rely on Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical for innovative design support, world-class manufacturing technology and quality-assured components.

The Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical advantage:

  • Materials expertise - Materials compliant to life sciences standards, compatible with fluids and body
  • Local contact and global reach - Worldwide manufacturing with local technical support
  • Design engineering - Engineering expertise contributes to optimized product performance with innovative solutions
  • Research and development - Backing of global R&D facilities using latest FEA techniques
  • Rapid prototyping - Helps bring products to market faster
  • Supply chain management - Offers on-time-delivery (OTD), advanced inventory control and special packaging
  • Cost-effective - Lower costs through improved service life and innovative solutions
  • One-stop-shop - Large range allows supply base consolidation