Turcon® Excluder® 5 without O-Ring  |  WE5000250-T46

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Installation Dimensions
Rod Diameter, dN f8/h9 25.0 mm
Groove Diameter, D3 H9 32.6 mm
Groove Width, L3 +0.2 4.2 mm
Bore Diameter, D4 H11 26.5 mm
Step Width, a min. 3.0 mm
Radius, r1 max. 0.8 mm
O-Ring Dimensions 28.24 x 2.62 mm
O-Ring TSS Part No. ORAR00122 
Seal Capabilities
Min. Temperature -70.0 °C
Max. Temperature 260.0 °C
Speed max. 15.0 m/s
Quality & Norms
Comply with the recommendations of ISO 3320 Yes 
Installation in grooves according to ISO 6195 Type D No 
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