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Neu und optimiert: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions O-Ring Berechnungsprogramm

Um das O-Ring Berechnungsprogramm zu sehen, melden Sie sich als Benutzer an oder registrieren Sie sich hier .

Neue Funktionen:

  • Neue Berechnungsfunktion für Kompressionskräfte
  • Auswahl des Anwendungstyps
  • Verbesserte ISO Schnellsuche
  • Verbesserte Bedienbarkeit

New calculation function

  • For a selection of material type and hardness the total compression forces for the O-Rings can be calculated

Selection of application type

  • Radial applications can be differentiated between static and dynamic
  • Axial application can be differentiated between the internal pressure or external pressure
  • Different limits for calculations results are applied
  • Warning limits accurately follow the different recommendations in accordance with ISO 3601-2

Improved ISO Quick Search

  • The preselected application type is used as a pre-condition for the calculation – different limits are applied which lead to different results
  • The ‘direction’ for the calculation has changed – the calculator always suggests the thickest possible O-Ring with the appropriate housing in accordance with the ISO 3601


  • Modern and easy user interface
  • Arbitrary memory location memorize calculations so they can be moved to other computers and be shared
  • In the notes function individual comments can be stored for each calculation for sharing with other users if required
  • Languages and unit systems can be changed during calculation and calculations initially in one language can be opened in another one which is useful when sharing calculations with people from other countries


O-Rings and Back-up Rings - METRIC + INCH (English)

pdf 5884KB

O形圈 (Chinese)

pdf 33567KB

O-kroužky (Czech)

pdf 249KB

O-Ringi (Polish)

pdf 5234KB

O-Ringe (German)

pdf 9549KB

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