Testing of HFC Water Glycol Fluids | White paper| Trelleborg

Testing of HFC in High Temperature Applications

Surface Treatment and Markings

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has three technical cleanliness standards based on accepted international standards:

1. Defined particulate cleanliness As components and assemblies become smaller, more complex and have higher efficiency, functional density is increased. This narrows tolerances and makes component parts more sensitive to particle contamination.

2. Freedom from paint wetting impairment substances Clean components are a particular requirement within the lacquering process. The surface to be lacquered, as well as the smallest components within the painting system, have to be free from any contamination that may cause disturbances or disorders in the lacquered wettings.

3. Class 5 cleanroom quality, ISO 14644 – 1 Some automotive components, such as electronic parts, require the ultimate in clean production, with the slightest contamination, even from airborne particles, potentially affecting component function. This is eliminated using cleanroom production where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled.

Flexcoat™ : Friction-free running

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed a number of micro-thin performance coatings and surface modifications that improve the friction performance of elastomer seals. Choosing one of these has the following benefits:

  • Saves time and enhances safety and security in automated assembly
  • Cleaner process reduces associated time and cost of maintenance
  • Ensures shorter process-flow times
  • Increases opportunities for the use of simple and cost-effective elastomer seals
  • Extends service life through improved wear properties
  • UV coating indicators for automated detection
  • Color coated for easy identification

Special Marking

  • Inkjet marking on part from colored dots to customer part numbers or customer references on any kind of seal
  • Ease of automated robotic recognition for safety critical applications
  • Special identifier of specific parts on customer site for sourcing and quality tracking