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e-Learning on sealing technology

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides a comprehensive e-Learning programme on sealing technology. These e-Learning lessons teach the basics of sealing technology. And they are available to you 24 hours a day.

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Latest e-Learning Lesson

Rubber Materials Part 1

In this lesson we provide an overview of Rubber as a sealing material, the different properties of Rubber and its composition.

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Rubber Materials Part 2
Sealing Materials Overview
Thermoplastic Polyurethane
PTFE Materials and Turcon Sealing

O-Ring Calculator

The O-Ring Calculator software supports the calculation of the determining parameters for the layout of O-Rings and their housing.

In the lesson it is shown how to use the O-Ring Calculator correctly.

O-Ring Basics

This lesson introduces you to the O-Ring, including the definition and functions of an O-Ring.

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O-Ring Layout
O-Ring Materials

Hydraulic Seals Basics

In this lesson you will be provided with information about the characteristics and types of hydraulic seals.

Three more lessons on Hydraulic Seals are available in our complete e-Learning portfolio (login required).

Hydraulic Seals - Advanced
Hydraulic Seals - Piston Seals
Hydraulic Seals - Rod Seals

Rotary Seals Basics Part 1

In this lesson you will learn about the properties and functions of Rotary Seals, as well the fields of application.

Explore Rotary Seals Basics in our complete e-Learning portfolio (login required).

Rotary Seals Basics - Part 2
Radial Oil Seals

Engineered Molded Parts - Introduction

In this first lesson, you will get an introduction in to what Engineered Molded Parts are.

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Engineered Molded Parts – Product Design
Engineered Molded Parts – Manufacturing and Quality

Installation Instructions - Radial Oil Seals

In this lesson you will be provided with information about the correct installation of Radial Oil Seals.

Four more Installation Instructions lessons are available here (login required).

Installation Instructions - Turcon® Piston Seals
Installation Instructions - Zurcon® Piston Seals
Installation Instructions - Turcon® Rod Seals
Installation Instructions - Zurcon® Rod Seals

Discover our e-Learning on sealing technology